Friday, July 29, 2011

Short Story: A day with Buffalo

Idea taken from one of Ice Pilots NWT episodes, and is still a WIP. The peoples named in the list are all members of a flightsim forum i go to alot.

Read this post In the voice of the Ice pilots NWT narrator guy

"In hay river, on a hot summer day, buffalo joe wants the sched flight to go but is behind by half an hour. Joe isnt happy. He speaks with new ramp hand Darren Elliott in a stern but not angry way "we need to get that flight going soon eh?" says joe. "Roger that well be leaving shortly". Mikey comes to speak with Rampy Darren and let him know he has passenger waiting in the termninal, and he cant keep them waiting any longer.

Passenger list for BFL FL168...

Neils Anderson
and the rest is cago

Meanwhile outside the dc-3, Rampy Darren and Captain Jeremy are running through the preparations for their shed run. Darren makes sure that the DC-3 is ready to fly and he gives captain the thumbs up and that passengers are waiting. He radio's mike to say "send them out to the plane".

The passengers are ready for their flight to Yellowknife and hop on board the aircraft, even though darrens only a rampy, hes been allowed to take the afternoon off and fly with the sched run to hay river. And since there are no more flight attendants on buffalo flights as they are all on strike. So darren takes over on their duties, making sure the seats are in the right position and where the doors are etc etc...

Darren sits the the jumpseat as the plane departs hay river for yhellowknife which is already behind by more than half an hour now..

Just before lining up on landing for runway 33, Captain Jeremy Dow calls Rampy darren up to the cockpit and Capt Jeremy mentions to him that "youre going to land this thing, itll be tricky, as you have real people on board not cargo, if cargo moves around there should be lots of stuff in the boxes that will prevent if from breaking but with people its different, their lives are about to be in your hands".

Darren seats himself in the co-pilot seat and clears his chest and checks out the controls

Jeremy:"Ok were coming up on 10 miles from the runway lower the gears"
Darren: "Roger that, lower the gear"....."Gears down and locked"
Jeremy:" Ok now ill give you controls"...."You have controls"
Darren:Roger that I have Controls..."

Darren takes the controls and flys it like hes been doing it for a long time "hint hint".

Darren:" Yellowknife tower buffalo alpha victor oscar requesting landing clearance, over"
Yellowknife tower: Roger that cleared to land, winds are calm, 5 knots at NW time is 20:00Z Over"
Darren:Roger that cleared to land.

Darren lowers the flaps, 10, 20, 30, 50 and prepares for landing. As he lands the aircraft he stays horizontal for a few seconds and lowers the rear to put the tailwheel in place. He then passes the controls back to Jeremy.

Darren:"You have the controls"
Jeremy:I have the controls"

Jeremy then taxiis in the DC-3 at Yellowknoife, to the Buffalo hangar at the other end of the airport. Jeremy Opens the back door with a switch in the cockpit and the passengers get out, one takes a photo, the rest head in to beat the 25 degrees in the sun..

When jeremy and darren hop out of the plane buffalo joe is there to greet them, hes not happy, "Why was the aircraft half an hour late?" he asks "we cant have that these people are waiting. I dont care if there were issues with the plane, those passengers have to get to their destination witrhout delay.

To be continued.....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

been romoved from BFL

i will no longer be aloowed to fly for buffalo virtual any more as i uploaded a file that someone else created to file list and didnt mention his name, it would have been fine but at the time i didnt know  that it was made by this guy and so him and all the members ganged on me and said they dont want me flying for them and got rid of me!! so i will no longer fly under the BFL banner, so far i am withe CPC, WJA  and now KLM?? not sure my number yet...not with fsuk anymore went inactive and really didnt fly for them much...anyways... so im only with 2 or 3, and oh ya still with peerhoven