what used to seem like a cheat..

 After the release of FS2004/FS9 people used to think the no-cd patch was a scam and a redacted program and was talked about being some sort of pirated software...

but that changed in the last decade or so and now its just a program that is used to allow users to use 2004 without CD#4. It works like no big deal and should be fine and not illegal....

its free, and on quite a few websites and by now  you should know where to source it




please make sure you download this file and use it

overwrite the fs9.exe in your fs9 main folder...

you are now using fs9.1

Working with scenery.cfg file and errors....

I've seen some posts online taking about the errors that sometimes load up when fs9 starts and it seems to take a bit of time to find out why it's giving you the error and as some forums you have to wait untill someone who know to help with that error as most don't know the answer...

If you get an error on load up of he sim please note that it could be fixed with one of these two options...

But first a word of advice there are two variants of the error 1 is a number and 2 is the name of the airport or scenery area

To rectify this errors you must load up scenery.cfg which in older msfs versions like 9 or x (which is in your main sim folder) ...

Load up fs9 or x untill you get the error or if you cannot remember then write it down or make a mental note*...

I.e "scenery.cfg file error.....etc.......it will actually mention either a number or a city/airport/etc area....select the text area for it and delete that area

*Note if you select everything and actually delete the list it will be created the next time you load fs9 or x.

The names and numbers are listed like this...

"[Area.xxx] (number is inside the brackets)
Title= (this is where you find name of area)
Layer= (don't worry about this, Idk what it's use is
Active=true (that's to show if it is live or not)
required=true/false (Idk)"

Anything that's listed iside parentheses that are giving errors please delete that text area and start fs9 or x again...if you see any errors that you didn't see at first still show up repeat the process and when you are done that...

Voila you've finished another tutorial from me

I d like to thank FlightsimJBS

     Hes another blog i visit everyday or so. While searching for a rare fs2004 file i came upon his blog and have loved it since.

    He posts everyday with links to files from FS9/FSX and P3D, most are files you've seen before but some are files so rare that it makes mundane days fall away!!

     I've never been able to get in touch with him but id like to say thanks for linking these files and stuff for the last few years. If i can find a file anywhere using flightsim.com or avsim i will load up his blog and voila... you should see some amazing aircraft's he gets linked on his blog..


All you need to do to get there is click this link

 or click on the link in the sidebar!!

 Happy flying! and thanks JBS!! 

 you make me feel

 Keep Up the good work!!




sayonara squawkbox from early 2000...

so i guess it comes to this I've uninstalled this program and have no reason to use it ever  again.. thanks to the group who made it and i hope we all learn from them...

squawk box came into the fs community in the late 1990s and early 2000s with a way to connect to vatsim, and allow us to enjoy the servers..

and just last year vatsim said they dont need people using it, so they retired it and there we go!!

thanks to the 20 years of service!!

its deeply important...

 after all these years and counting that we still see questions about the fs9 no cd patch its aggravating no one knows...

the fs9.1 patch is available on the net, and the no-cd patch is on the net as well

since 2004 was released its incredibly stupid to think that once it was thought of as a virus and not allowed so its been like a feew  years that its been ok to download it...


is the 9.1 versiom


and the fs9 no cd crack

It's kind of tough you know?! (The ongoing threat of loss to FS9)

I bet you have seen a lot of reasons not to use fs2004 because their is quite a competing compliment to the world right now as newer flight Sims are on the rise....if it ain't so big and vested 🤣

While we just focus on the here and now in this blog post..i tend to notice program and stuff don't work for it.

So I thought maybe I should list things and settings that no longer work for fs9

List is as follows:  

1. Default fs9 deal weather no longer connects to jeppesen anymore..please read my previous post about real world weather..

2. Connecting with vatsim is harder if you are using older operating systems..since the good old trusty sqwkbx doesn't exist anymore and so u have to upgrade to 7 or so..and download a program called "audio for vatsim"

3. Certain virtual airlines have moved on to version 2 of smartcars as most acars are "almost" out of date...not yet thou..😎


There are more but just don't worry right now

when working with [fltsim] part of the aircraft.cfg

...you must understand...that working alongside the aircraft cfg files, that everthing listed in the "title" and "model" and everyhing down to before the desription has to match whats in the aircraft folder for which aircraft you are working on.

Heres whats written in the default cessna 182

title=Cessna Skylane 182S
ui_type="C182S Skylane"
ui_variation="White with green"
description="When Cessna saw how well their Model 180 was selling, they looked for a way to make it an even bigger success\s the answer was the Model 182.  The Cessna 182 Skylane feels and acts like a heavier, more powerful version of its sibling, the 172 Skyhawk.  The airplane is a workhorse and a stable platform for flying on instruments. Even with a full tank, the 182 carries a family-size useful load and performs admirably as an aerial sport utility vehicle."

-So that means the title is just for the name of the aircraft and doesnt need much of any other info

-the "sim= "is where you type in or copy the name of the *.air file word for word, and letter for letter

-model is not used that much as there arent too many fs aircraf makers that include a secondary "model file", if there is one in the folder you have just downloaded...type the nane listed on the folder after the period (ie model.pk)  so the info you type here is "pk" (the sane way its listed on the folder).

-panel is where you can put the panel.xxxx info in, straightforward like i mentioned above, but if a creator  never put any other folder for yu to moce or whatever you can just leave it blank

-sound is where you can most of the time let it  be kept blank, or enter it like ive talked about above 9but thats a rarity to have to put in a sound.xxx folder...(ive never had to do that as mostly sound files are kept in sound folder inside of the aircraft folder)

*note some of these above can be kept blank as theres only a small about of creators fs2k2, 2k4, 2k6 that even try to add other folders (its soooo  rare)

but not with this one

- texture is where you will be enter the info after the "texture.'xxxxx' " and you must make sure the texture folder and the info youve written here is exact, as any spelling mistake may make you feel lost,you can always copy and paste if need be so theres nothing ba... yuo can always rename the folder but if you do, theres aleays got to be checking out  and making sure it maries up!!

you can do whatever yuo want with the rest but most realists and everyone alike may want the name of the aircraft and the model  to be correct but its only up to you...

90% of the time most texurte and model creators will have a copied info copied into thie txt file in the readme or other file in the zip or rar  file you downloaded...

last but not least the [fltsim.0] for each entry you are putting in, has to be in sequence, most fligtsim aircraft creators will include their own aircraft.cfg file that you can add to, and continue as far as you want...

i currently have 35, 737-200 textures (half came wiith the tinmouse version i got years ago, ) the rest are ones ive downloaded so you can get quite alot!! theres no need to stop thinking the file size is too big as most cfg files are way back in the KB file size..

this information might be one of what you see all over the internet im just giving it here as a better chance to talk about things!!


what used to seem like a cheat..

 After the release of FS2004/FS9 people used to think the no-cd patch was a scam and a redacted program and was talked about being some sort...