Friday, March 9, 2012

Been a while... Will have more screens coming

Sorry about the delay on this but I thought that I'd get you all updated on where I am at the current moment. As I sit here and blog I am flying a dc-8 from nffn to Phnl Hawaii and I'm about an hour and a half out of Honolulu and will be arriving shortly, flying with cp air virtual is great and allows people like me to fly 70's and 80's aircraft like the 737-200 and the dc-8 as well. Lately I've been trying to finish off the mckenzie valley run back to Yellowknife but coming in from each and every angle doesn't seem to work so I emailed the CEO of the va and told him to remove the last few flights do I can start doing the scheduled ykf-yay morning and evening flights... I tried to do a westjet flight the other day all the way from KLAS (las Vegas) to CYYZ (Toronto) but I got 3/4 of the way there and decided I wanted to do something different, next time it'll be to calgary or Vancouver, I did a flight today with ozark, KSTL to KIND in the DC9 and it went smoothly and whole I was c,earning my room vacuuming and etc I thought maybe it's time to start with the Hawaii flight so I hope I la d soon, I'm not sure I like flying over oceans during the day anymore... Other va's I have not considered but may later tomorrow or Sunday. That's it, at least for now the big 3 or 4 vas that I fly for most often.. The next installment of this blog will include some images, mostly flight sim as this blog is totally revolving around I'll talk to you later...when I'm down...only about 30 mins or so... Watch me if you want