Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Recent Flights With Buffalo

I suppose that i could spend a long time talking about this, But i dont.

Ive been flying with BAV alot around cywg and am now heading back to CYQF in the CL215 and there was a time just recently where i didnt think i was going to make t back to cyqf or cyzf. I tried to fly to cyul in cl215 but somewhere over ontario the fs cfashed or I closed it...

So I had two other ways of getting back to base. Either go KORD in electra or CZJN In the 215. So since the montreal flight was not working and the chicago flight was to long i thought id fly the czjn flights...
So far its been

So next flight will be dc-3 to cyzf from cyqf after i land and fuel
Btw i will change the ?? When i can get to the webpage that has the flights


Btw2 i will soon be returning to doing my round the world flight...i think that will be in the dc-3, low and slow