Saturday, April 5, 2014

current flights locations as of april 5/2014

Flight Locations for all my flights now.

WestJet -CYVR

Wardair  CYEG

Buffalo (CYMM)

Alaska (KGEG)

Peerhoven (CYXE))




theres more but im not sur what else i have...

Dash 8 Fever

i downloaded the premeier aircraft design Dash 8 202 and 400 variants and it comes with a few default  textures like quantas and alaska horizon, but you can find alot of liveries for both of them at their site and on  etc...

Ive downloaded the canadian north  and porter and a few other paintjobs and i really like them and have been flying with them  ever since. I had joined alaska virtual back about a year ago and i had almost forgot about it but then i flew again at the start of march and well the rest is history. i fly the dash 8 q400 with them as well as the 73G and the 738 734 and 733. but it is the dash 8 that i love...if its long enough i can set a/p and let it go for a while and check ite out every little while.

Nowadays the dash 8 versions have been bought by bombardier so they arent dehavilland anymore. after 30 years on the flight lines or with different airlines...

i did a flight just with the ceo of alaskavirtual the other night, ksea-ksmo. i flew a few minites ahead of him and landed about 10 minutes ahead of him. I had a really good flight and i was going to record the landing but i logged out of fs9 and forgot to so anyways...

as well as all of the aircraft ive talked about i found a westjet encore paintjob and am bout to do my 1st flight today...its awesome

I also joined a new va BAW virtual, with and plan to do a flight or two later tomorrow or soon...anyways....

hope you enjoyed that