Friday, June 6, 2014

wardair virtual offline is now partially back up +new va's

i have been with virtual wardair for about 2 and a half years now. and just recently it went offline and then just a day or so ago it came back online but i cant find my pireps but not its showing up, we stated at .com went to .net and then now at org

i have about 30-40 flights +that much or more hours!!

hope i can get back to this va again..


new va's

easyjet- but they are using xacars and i dont like uising it (EZY??)
delta-landing rates set for less than -600 so i dont think that i will be with them long (DAL1069)
southwest- this is a airline and i usually do the flights in the evening (SWA1203)
fronteir-another va but im dont have to worry about landing rates and i love simmiles(FFT317)
air france-another and im (AFR237)

i love simmiles


acars i like and dont like

id like to start a list of acars fs9 or fsx trackers that i do and dont like..

Liked and reccomended acars

VAFS  ver#1-5.

very easy to navigate and run
simple download and login
simple info sheet of flights within the acars program



small size of progam
simple and effective and works well
love that it allows multiple va's

unless you enter you username wrong or password wrong then its has no cons

Full versions of ACARS
New versions of acars systems are being updated ever year and now have a full browser, a seach for flight function and a way to talk to other pilots within the acars

what ive mentioned above

read above cons
years ago if you asked me about simmiles i would have said , um this kinda isnt working for me but given me a few years and now i love it..

automatic post to va page without hitting post button
connects to xacars simmiles fs host and vatsim

sometimes if something doesnt work it wont give you a txt file or go back to the previous flight
you have to start again (frustrating)
not alot of members are using the fshost but are using xacars and vatsim

Unliked Acars systems



system resets itself in middle of flight
cant allow multiple va's
it really doesnt work all that well