Friday, June 6, 2014

wardair virtual offline is now partially back up +new va's

i have been with virtual wardair for about 2 and a half years now. and just recently it went offline and then just a day or so ago it came back online but i cant find my pireps but not its showing up, we stated at .com went to .net and then now at org

i have about 30-40 flights +that much or more hours!!

hope i can get back to this va again..


new va's

easyjet- but they are using xacars and i dont like uising it (EZY??)
delta-landing rates set for less than -600 so i dont think that i will be with them long (DAL1069)
southwest- this is a airline and i usually do the flights in the evening (SWA1203)
fronteir-another va but im dont have to worry about landing rates and i love simmiles(FFT317)
air france-another and im (AFR237)

i love simmiles