Friday, December 2, 2016

VA Locations as of 12/2/16


Monday, September 19, 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

some of the last few months screenshots

Takeoff at KBUR

Parked at KBUR

Parked at CYVP

Approach to KSEA

Leaving CYXY

Landing at CYXY

heading to CYFB

Parked at CYXY next to a 737 that I had to closley pass by to park.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Currenty Va locations as of 07/08/16 and leaving delta

Alaska:  KSEA
American:  WSSS
Buffalo: CYXD
Westjet: CYYZ
Easyjet: LGAV
Thompson: EGGD

there ladies and gentelmen are the va's that im with as of 07/08/16

.....and sad news is i have been moved to a new delta virtual because the main one was shutting down so because the new one doesnt have an acars i can use i sure as well told them i didnt want to fly for them so im now not flying for delta anymore...

if they would have said i could use kacars i dunno...

also i have a va at squirrel airlines and cant wait to do another!!

My model airplane collection!!

hope you enjoy this!!

Heading to changi airport Singapore

So right as we talk I'm just about to do some laundry. Meanwhile I'm gonna fly from ypph to wsss in the 757 from American airlines.
I was back at wsss a few weeks ago and I will be in wsss a few hours from now. Just about to push back from the gate

Friday, July 22, 2016

Heading to nadi again

Do it seems I'm heading to Nadi Intl airport for the umpteenth time.

It is the only few airports for like 2500 miles in between North America and Australia. Nowadays planes can bypass Nadi and go direct to Sydney or whatever.
Back in the day with short to medium range planes they have to stop twice before getting to Sydney like phnl and then nffn and then yssy or if they want they could land at Brisbane or whatever. Some 737s and 717s have to do that to make it to auzziland because most 737 s don't have the fuel to get there directly.

The a380 a340 and 787 type aircraft can get there with no stops unless something comes up mid flight.

So back to me, I'm flying YSSY to NFFN and about 331nm out from NFFN. I'm flying the 757-200 American airlines livery. Next flight after this tomorrow or next week is nffn to phnl.

Take care and thanks for reading my blog.

Monday, June 27, 2016

a real flightsim blog...what this blog was made for..

when i created this blog a few years ago, i intended it to be a place to blog about my goings on in the flight sim world, like how are the tours going and stuff like that. But i got lazy and i only posted stuff about what the current va flights are like and stuff..

So to start the first real post (As of 06/27/16 11:40pm) my day was filled of about 2-3 flights...some were on vatsim and some were offline.

Vatsim Flights:

offline flights

thanks...this will be what goes on here

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

VA locations of 05/15/16 and some news and info..

well regarding the last post i ever made here a while ago i made it to 5B2 in not so log of a time maybe like 6 days...maybe if it was real life it would have only taken 4 or so. but i dint fly every single day maybe every other day or so...anyways i made it and im pretty happy about that!!

so in case you havent heard of it my mom past away almost 2 months ago... she had a heart failure and died minutes later. So most of my flights are for her!! she used to watch me fly here and there.. not the whole flight just the takeoff and or landing... anyways hope you are all doing well my folowers..

back to what this post is about

Alaska: PHNL
Delta: MTPP (but as of 1259pm EST im heading to KATL)
American: KORD
Buffalo: CYZF
Westjet: CYYC i think?
Easyjet: LIRF
Thomson: LEPA

just joined thomson a week or so ago....heres a random shot!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Current flights this week

So im working on an across the united states flight.

!Flightplan(s) is/are as follows
  1. KSTS to
  2. KFAT to
  3. KOGD to
  4. KCPR(am here right now) to
  5. KMSP to
  6. KSPI to
  7. KBAK to
  8. KOSU to
  9. KIAD to
  10. 5B2 (final destination).
!Plane you ask?...

darren is flying the Beechcraft Twin Bonanza USArmy Paint.

Im trying to stream each flight and if i get it working will be at