Tuesday, May 17, 2016

VA locations of 05/15/16 and some news and info..

well regarding the last post i ever made here a while ago i made it to 5B2 in not so log of a time maybe like 6 days...maybe if it was real life it would have only taken 4 or so. but i dint fly every single day maybe every other day or so...anyways i made it and im pretty happy about that!!

so in case you havent heard of it my mom past away almost 2 months ago... she had a heart failure and died minutes later. So most of my flights are for her!! she used to watch me fly here and there.. not the whole flight just the takeoff and or landing... anyways hope you are all doing well my folowers..

back to what this post is about

Alaska: PHNL
Delta: MTPP (but as of 1259pm EST im heading to KATL)
American: KORD
Buffalo: CYZF
Westjet: CYYC i think?
Easyjet: LIRF
Thomson: LEPA

just joined thomson a week or so ago....heres a random shot!!