Friday, July 22, 2016

Heading to nadi again

Do it seems I'm heading to Nadi Intl airport for the umpteenth time.

It is the only few airports for like 2500 miles in between North America and Australia. Nowadays planes can bypass Nadi and go direct to Sydney or whatever.
Back in the day with short to medium range planes they have to stop twice before getting to Sydney like phnl and then nffn and then yssy or if they want they could land at Brisbane or whatever. Some 737s and 717s have to do that to make it to auzziland because most 737 s don't have the fuel to get there directly.

The a380 a340 and 787 type aircraft can get there with no stops unless something comes up mid flight.

So back to me, I'm flying YSSY to NFFN and about 331nm out from NFFN. I'm flying the 757-200 American airlines livery. Next flight after this tomorrow or next week is nffn to phnl.

Take care and thanks for reading my blog.