Monday, May 20, 2019

Current VA Locations

  1. Alaska: KSFO
  2. American:(unsure because of the behindness of VA)
  3. Westjet:Toronto
  4. Buffalo:CYSM (on the new B206 Tour)
  5. CP Air:KRSW
  6. Froggie Air:KISP
  7. Ozark:KMSP
i think that's it for the time being

Twin Otter Best Liveries

Thes livery list is not suppoed to mean i like these over the others...just my fav so far..
  1. Winair
  2. Maldivian Air Taxi
  3. NOAA
  4. British Airways
  5. CC-138 RCAF
  6. Harbour Air
  7. Air Inuit
  8. Northwright Airlines
  9. Ken Borrek
  10. WestCoast Air

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

special notam for flight sim pilots

For those hoping to get a a little more real world weather showing up in flights, you might have used the FS9 and FSX default real world weather, since their inceptions onto the market until just a year or so ago. 

Since then users of both sims have been relegated to use some free and some paid options out there, most FSX users are using Activesky and  FS9 users are to use FSRealwx (or any others that work) for the mean time.

They both quite fix the problem of getting info downloaded only after 15mins (default on both sims) and relegate it to whatever you the end user wants. It could be however long you need to wait for weather info to download.

FSRealwx comes in two forms, one for free and one you pay (i think). FSrealwx Lite is a freeware weather program that will work for both sims (check them first as i have forgotten). FSRealwx Pro is a free for 30 days then pay up type of service and weather program...both work and look the same way just one has a limit of 30 days and then you have to pay for the product.Those have worked great in the years past and will continue to work for more years.

I find nowadays many people come into the flightsim community asking what weather program to use, there are only these listed below to use with the assorted sim and program. some of this is confusing as the payware one should be payware and would thus be easier to talk about.

FS9 has FSRealwx Lite
FSX has FSRealwxPro and AS16+ASCA

both of the fsrealwx can be found on their website

if you want to use the AS16+ASCA go to

Hoping that you can get to this, this is a great set of sites and programs to add a little more realism to your sim...

heres hoping that the notification of that these are the only ones you can use for both sim can be given to you...yes there are only two types of weather progras as listed above fsrealwx and as16...check them both out!!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

100 Subscribers On YouTube!!!!

Just hit a new record of 100 subs on youtube recently..heres a shoutout to all those who have come and checked me out...

Monday, October 29, 2018

Best not to let that happen again!

While i was flying from KSTL to KHOU, in a DC-9. The earlier test  flight seemed like things were going wrong and I couldn't get an altitude hold and speed hold and my gear would not go up.  Took off again and same thing happened. It turned out it was my hydraulic pump that I had turned off or I had forgotten to turn on. The throttles also we're not controlled probably and were pushing the aircraft way to the right. Later in the day I start another flight and doing the same leg and was able to change the throttle to allow it to control itself, and to be syncronysed but I still not able to get an altitude hold or a speed hold. So I flew half the flight with my hands and keyboard.  I flew on VatSim and had a few controllers online.

 They were OK with me altering my altitude during the flight multiple times since I cannot hold the altitude. The landing was interesting as there was no flaps working at the time It was slower than normal speed for landing as you know we have to be at 150 knots or closer, if we go way under 150kts the aircraft decends rapidly and you coukd crash. I turned off the runway and taxied into the gate. I am happily glad to be alive after that!  That made me think of a series I could create on this blog. Maybe I start doing stories of harrowing pilot skills and talk about interesting moments while I was flying that are out of the blue. I think a lot of us virtual pilots forget about those moments that we wonder what the plane is doing and always forget to have things setup correctly and we have to use a different protocol or a different way to get it on the ground.  Virtual pilors dont usually share this information but I think it's a bit of a moment to look at how every different virtual pilot flies. I rarely have events like this happen because i usually know what's going on and I know what to do when things happen. 

  I rarely get these  moment so I thought I'd pass this along and tell the  story of what occurred.  Some times when these events happen I think is the outgoing results that the TV channel would take if they're reporting on Each issue would be interesting to think through. Kind of like watching  May day or aircraft crash information Shows on TV. Think of the the ways that they could report  The incident. Kind of makes you think. 

 Anyways until next time 
Darren Elliott   Singer/songwriter 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Back to westjet

Back flying with virtualwestjet while flying CYQR-CYWG this morning. Downloaded a swoop texture the other day and loved it but it has the wrong panel..its for the TDS 737-800. Flying the PMDG736 right now on vatsim as wja221