Friday, December 13, 2019

Over 20 (or close to) Years Of Being on Vatsim

after flying nearly 22 years on the sim and adding up to nearly 1000 hours there as well. Its interesting to see where I've come over the last  number of years!

below is the tracking of all my flights

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

if you cant get your plane to turn in flightsim..

Often times some aircraft (default and addon) in fs9 seem to not want to turn very well...some say you can hit F11 and F12 respectively to turn the plane back and forth from left to right, where F11 makes you move to the left and F12 to the right...but some say there are better and easier ways.

Go into the aircraft.cfg (of each aircraft) and edit what I show below....

Here's the contact points from the Milton Shupe Grumman S2F Tracker that hasn't been changed as it wouldn't turn left or right...


static_pitch = 3.93
static_cg_height = 6.75
tailwheel_lock = 0
gear_system_type = 1
max_number_of_points = 9

point.0 = 1.000, 14.087, 0.000, -7.808, 1950.000, 0.000, 1.050, 180.0, 0.180, 6.142, 1.000, 6.000, 6.000, 0.000, 150.000, 150.000
point.1 = 1.000, -.95010, -9.30, -7.604, 2500.000, 1.000, 1.500, 0.000, 0.921, 1.260, 0.800, 6.000, 6.000, 2.000, 150.000, 150.000
point.2 = 1.000, -.95010, 9.30, -7.604, 2500.000, 2.000, 1.500, 0.000, 0.921, 1.260, 0.800, 6.000, 6.000, 3.000, 150.000, 150.000
point.3 = 2, -20.738, 0, -5.28, 1600, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 9"

if you want to be able to change the wheels to move here you go, ignore everything other than the bolded like I have above (unless you know what you are doing)...skip to where you see 180.0 on that line and change it to be something like 65...below

point.0=1.000, 14.087, 0.000, -7.808, 1950.000, 0.000, 1.050, 65.0, 0.180, 6.142, 1.000, 6.000, 6.000, 0.000, 150.000, 150.000

not sure what happens if we changed the numbers before and after would do... I know some areas of the aircraft.cfg but this is deeper than my knowledge goes..but really it looks like all you have to do is change the 180.0, to 65.0, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING ELSE or it will change the way it flies dramaticlally!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

flying with only the keyboard

For nearly 30 years I've been using the keyboard and I have been enjoying it very much. I've tried the yoke and I still didn't get used to it!

I notice that it's not all that hard..I've been able to take off and land with all sorts of random aircraft big and small with no problem and am able to really get down to earth with the flying aspects on the keyboard...

Flying with the keyboard does mean that there are fewer things to break... yokes are about 2-3 pounds or more and there are parts to break that won't allow the machine to work or they are expensive than buying another one isn't worth it...

I seem to feel like I am the only one of maybe just 2-3 people that may still fly using the keyboard. Im not here to say anything about, or bash the yoke users I'm just here to say that if you want to be able to fly with the keyboard it's possible and I've been doing it for nearly 30 years!!

have a good day!1

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Friday, August 23, 2019

another virtual pilot notam!

so it looks like if you want to use sqawkbox for fs2002/4 anymore they have (Vatsim inc) decided to not support it anymore  as well as FSinn and a few others.

So for now here are the server changes

UK:, UK:UK:1:
USA-WEST: Francisco, USA:USA-WEST:1:

Monday, May 20, 2019

Current VA Locations

  1. Alaska: KSFO
  2. American:(unsure because of the behindness of VA)
  3. Westjet:Toronto
  4. Buffalo:CYSM (on the new B206 Tour)
  5. CP Air:KRSW
  6. Froggie Air:KISP
  7. Ozark:KMSP
i think that's it for the time being

Twin Otter Best Liveries

Thes livery list is not suppoed to mean i like these over the others...just my fav so far..
  1. Winair
  2. Maldivian Air Taxi
  3. NOAA
  4. British Airways
  5. CC-138 RCAF
  6. Harbour Air
  7. Air Inuit
  8. Northwright Airlines
  9. Ken Borrek
  10. WestCoast Air